Let’s Work Together

Here’s the way our process works:

  1. Initial consultation.
  2. You are given a written estimate.
  3. Presented a design proposal.
  4. 5% down based on the estimate total. (to be subtracted from the contract total)
  5. Design phase begins.
  6. You are presented a contract.
  7. Work begins.

During the first initial contact, we want to get to know you. We will set up a time that is convenient for you to for us to come take a look at your project. The goal of this visit is to help you feel comfortable working with us and create an estimate for you that will fit your budget. If you choose to have us build your project, we would then present you with a design proposal. The design proposal is a contract designed to protect you as a home owner and Straight Line as a business. Typically, the design proposal would require a 5% deposit of the estimate total amount. This allows us to get started on creating professional design documents that will communicate the specifics of your project. Our new showroom is filled with materials that will help you put together the look and feel you want your new space to inhabit. will On jobs that require a lot of design, a retaining agreement is set forth, which protects both you as a consumer, and us as a business. This retainer allows us to agree on the design and scope of work involved within your project. Most retainers are 5% of the estimated project budget. This cost is then fully deductable from the final contract price.

After there is a set agreement for a specific scope of work, the production phase begins. Every project is unique in its own way, but we apply a consistent work method to all projects. We call this “The Straight Line Guarantee.” We will also continue to maintain the project throughout its warranty time.

Design and Product Level Selection

As our quality craftsmanship will always remain the same, design and product levels dictate how a project will look in the end. Below are descriptions of each level and pricing tier: