Assembling the Perfect Living Room for Your Tiny Home

Tiny Home Living Room Ideas

Making the transition to a tiny home requires some sacrifice, as anyone can imagine. It causes you to reflect on your life and to make important decisions regarding what’s important to you and what you can live without. But, one thing that nobody wants to sacrifice is comfort. After all, if your tiny home isn’t comfortable, you’re not going to enjoy living in it.

Here, we take a look at some primary considerations for designing a living area that meets your comfort and storage needs when you’re planning to downsize to a tiny home.

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Tiny Home Couches

In a tiny home, the couch often has to pull double duty. Depending on the family, the couch might also have to serve as a bed or as an additional source of concealed storage space. Also important is ensuring the couch you choose is sized appropriately so you can make the most out of the space afforded by your tiny home.

The explosion in tiny home construction has in turn led to an increase in specialty couch manufacturers, like Portland’s Perch Furniture, for example. Perch makes custom couches, sofas, chairs, and other seating solutions for traditional and tiny homes alike. And, because the company produces its furniture to the square-inch and to your exact specifications right down to the cover, it makes it easy to get the perfect seating for your tiny home.

Whether you’re looking for a trendy sofa, a couch with pull-out bed, or a couch with under-seat storage, working with a furniture manufacturer who has skilled knowledge of tiny homes and their limitations is key. Remember, your furniture not only has to fit in your space; it also has to be able to fit through the door!

For more information on custom tiny home couches, see our guest post from Perch founder Jonathan Galloway.

portland oregon tiny homes pdx couch tiny house

Televisions in Tiny Homes

If you look at photos of tiny home living spaces, you might notice that a lot of homes don’t feature televisions. This is usually because the big screen television is one of the first things tiny home owners decide they can live without. Many make do simply with their laptop monitors for entertainment purposes. This saves crucial space for other, more important things, like books, clothing, art, or additional storage space.

But what if you love watching television and movies? Can you still enjoy HD television in a tiny home? Sure you can. Foregoing a television is a choice many tiny home enthusiasts make, but it’s not for everybody. With flat-mounted televisions, you can easily fit a flat high-definition television in your tiny home. Just don’t expect it to be of the 60” variety.

Another popular entertainment option for tiny homes is a video projector system. This type of system includes a video projector and a pull-down screen. When you’re not watching TV, you can simply lift the screen up and out of the way. Even the projector can be inconspicuously placed so it’s invisible when not in use. A TV that retracts into a shelf is yet another choice for a tiny home.

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Tiny Home Entertainment Options to Consider: Heat, Fans and Windows

Of course, you do have to keep in mind that HDTVs and other types of electronic entertainment equipment do produce heat and in a tiny home, you’ll feel that heat a lot more than you would in a traditional home. Having a ceiling fan installed will help dissipate the heat, but it’s certainly something you will want to keep in mind if you live in a warm climate, especially if your sleeping quarters are located in the loft.

If you want to include space for a television in your build, then you might also have to make some decisions about window placement as well. For this reason, it is important to go over all of your entertainment wants and needs with your tiny home builder to ensure your home turns out exactly the way you want.

portland oregon tiny homes pdx couch tiny house

If you’re looking for top quality front door design and construction for your Portland area tiny home, get in touch with Straight Line D&R today. We’ll help you get the most from your budget, and deliver exactly the tiny home you want.