Tiny Home Kitchen Solutions That Maximize Limited Space

Tiny Home Kitchens

The tiny house movement is real, and for many Americans, the concepts of shrinking the number of their material possessions and side-stepping the slow death by a lengthy and interest-laden mortgage are attractive ideologies. But, one of the most common problems tiny home owners have to overcome is the fact that the kitchen they’re leaving behind had so much more room than the one they will be using in their new tiny homes.

It’s no surprise that when you go tiny, you have to change your perspective on things. You have to get creative. You have to find ways for everyday things to serve multiple purposes. This is the hallmark of tiny living – doing more with less, and the kitchen offers some of the best examples for making this crucial shift in mentality.

In the Tiny Kitchen, Shelving Is Your Friend

In a standard tiny home, the kitchen is usually located at the rear of the home, next to the bathroom. Because it has to share space, the floor plan for the kitchen is thin and sparse. Therefore, you won’t be able to fit your traditional cabinets here because they are so big and bulky. Instead, using simple shelves, like the ones you see here, provides elevated space for all of your kitchen essentials.

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Meanwhile, the space below the multi-tiered countertop allows storage for the kitchen’s larger items, like the pots and pans. As you’ll note, the mini-fridge fits snugly under the counter so the owners are able to save on valuable real estate elsewhere.

tiny home kitchen portland oregon

In this example, the shelves are installed using simple slabs of wood held in place by copper plumping pipes. It does the job of cabinets while taking up less space and adding a touch of charm.

tiny home kitchen portland oregon

Sink Options for Tiny Kitchen Design

Using reclaimed materials is one of the more popular trends among tiny home users because part of the reason to go tiny is to reduce one’s impact on the environment. And, when it comes to reclaimed materials, wood, windows, and doors aren’t the only things you can go with.

In this tiny home, the owners went with an old-fashioned enameled stainless steel sink. Although it doesn’t look new, it fits right in with the rustic cabin-like feel the owner was going for.

tiny home kitchen portland oregon

In this tiny home kitchen, the sink is actually an old metal pail that has been drilled out to accommodate the drain. It’s completely unique and looks like the perfect fit with the home’s unfinished wood look.

tiny home kitchen portland oregon

Meanwhile, in this kitchen, a retro-styled electric range/sink has space underneath to accommodate the micro-fridge. It has everything you need in a single tidy package.

tiny home kitchen portland oregon

With Tiny Home Design, How Small Can You Go?

Building a tiny home involves making a lot of decisions you might not normally have to make with a traditional home because space is ultra-limited. After all, when you increase the dimensions of one room, you inevitably have to take space away from another. So, it is important to have an idea of how much space you really need in each room.

For example, in this home, the Asian-inspired kitchen only takes up a very small part of the home. Positioned under the steps, this kitchen is still relatively well-equipped with a hot plate and toaster oven, and plates and cups are stored in a larger cabinet next to the counter. Because the kitchen is so small, the home’s owner can enjoy a larger living room in exchange.

tiny home kitchen portland oregon

In a tiny home, every square inch and how it is used is important. So, how small can you shrink your kitchen and still be able to enjoy the same quality of life as you used to in your larger home or apartment? Think long and hard on your answer because once your tiny home is finished, there’s no going back.

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