5 Things To Consider When Choosing Bathroom Tile

Picking the Right Tile For Your Bathroom Remodel


Tile is typically the most eye-catching element of a bathroom remodel. Because of this, it’s important to choose a tile that can truly shine as a centerpiece of the new and improved space. This is much easier said than done since tile is available in countless shapes, sizes, and colors. Picking the right one for you and your new bathroom will require some careful consideration. Read on for our top five tips on choosing bathroom tile.

1. Similar Dimensions for a Clean Look

For a clean and polished look, you’ll want to pick tiles that have similar dimensions. If you’re interested in a variety of sizes, make sure they’re dimensions are multiples of each other. For example 12”-by-12” floor tile, 4”-by-4” wall tile, and a 1”-by-1” inch border tile.

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2. Dissimilar Dimensions for a Modern Look

On the other hand, tiles with dissimilar dimensions have become increasingly trendy in recent years. For some homeowners, a bathroom remodel is a perfect opportunity to showcase their creativity with a mismatched tile display.

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3. When it Comes to Tile, Bigger is Often Better

There are two considerable benefits that come with choosing bigger tiles over smaller ones. The first is that bigger tiles mean fewer grout lines, which means that your bathroom surfaces will seem like more of a continuous surface with less grout visible. The second is that less grout also means less cleaning time since grout is notoriously challenging to keep clean.

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4. Don’t Forget about Texture

It’s important to consider how the texture of your new tiles will affect the day-to-day usability of the bathroom. For example: while smooth, glazed tiles are easy to wipe down and clean, they can also present a slipping hazard – especially in the shower.

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5. Grout Can Be Customized, Too

We’re all familiar with the classic, off-white shade of grout that is most commonly seen in bathrooms. However, choosing an unexpected color or shade of grout is a great way to give your new bathroom a little more personality and customized style.

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