7 Game-Changing Upgrades For Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Simple Improvements That Will Change the Way You Cook

Often when homeowners decide to remodel their kitchens, rethinking the style and appearance of the space is the primary focus. During the average remodel, a lot of thought goes into choosing the perfect backsplash tile, wall color, cabinet stain, and so forth. However, choosing to give your attention to upgrades that improve the functionality of a kitchen will pay off significantly. Here are a few of our favorite ways to achieve luxurious performance with simple updates.

1. Hot and Cold Water Dispensers

If your household drinks a lot of tea or other hot beverages, an on-demand hot water dispenser will bring a new level of convenience to your lives.

A cold water dispenser is another great option. Installing a dispenser with a built-in water filter is a great way to improve the taste and quality of your tap water.

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2. Under-Cabinet lighting

While it may be tempting to give the bulk of your attention to trendy sconces or elegant pendant lighting, there are multiple benefits that come with a subtle strip of under-cabinet lighting. This type of lighting provides an ideal illumination for food prep and clean up on the countertops. As a bonus, it’s the perfect amount of light for late-night snacking trips!

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3. Warming Drawer

For homeowners that make a habit of throwing dinner parties, a warming drawer is sure to become your best friend in no time. Can you imagine keeping every dish piping hot until all of your guests are seated and ready to eat? The warming drawer is a great way to keep plates warm and soften butter, as well.

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4. Induction Range

In addition to their sleek and futuristic look, induction ranges are ideal for families with small children. Since they heat pots and pans using a magnetic field while the surface itself remains cool to the touch, there’s one less hot thing in the kitchen for parents to worry about. Plus, for homeowners in hot climates, the surface won’t raise your kitchen’s temperature nearly as much as a traditional gas or electric range.

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5. Appliance Garage

If you love your stand mixer but struggle with finding a permanent home for it when not in use, consider installing an appliance garage. This clever solution provides stylish living quarters for your waffle maker, blender, panini press, and more while freeing up valuable counter space.

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6. Prep Sink

Ever feel like you’ve got too many cooks in the kitchen? Having a second sink installed can remedy this by allowing two people to comfortably prepare food in the kitchen. No need to crowd over a single sink when washing fruits, veggies, or hands!

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7. Built-In Speakers

If you like listening to something while cooking or cleaning in the kitchen, having a set of speakers installed in the ceiling will take your experience to the next level. Whether it’s music, podcasts, or books on tape, enjoy your audio to the fullest with a built-in kitchen audio system.

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