7 High-Tech Updates for a Modern Bathroom Remodel

Transport Your Bathroom to the Future With These Smart-Home Style Upgrades

Thinking about making some updates to a bathroom in your home? A bathroom remodel is a great opportunity to bring in some high-tech fixtures and gadgets that can make life easier for the whole household. Read on for our list of 7 modern upgrades that will turn your bathroom into the luxurious oasis you’ve always dreamt of.

1. Built-In Shower Speaker

Whether you’re a fan of singing in the shower or not, a built-in waterproof shower speaker will take your daily showering experience to the next level. Imagine stepping into the shower every morning and listening to your favorite music, podcast, or audiobook in high-definition, crystal clear audio. Now that’s living the dream!

We recommend: Kohler K-8033 SoundTile Speakers

2. Switchable Privacy Glass

Controlled by an app and/or a physical switch, this futuristic film coating is cut to fit the exact size of glass windows or shower doors. In an instant, you can choose between a frosted opaque effect that provides complete privacy without completely preventing natural light from passing through the glass, or fully transparent glass that allows sunlight to come through with no resistance.

We recommend: Invisishade

3. Touchless Sink Faucet

These futuristic fixtures feature hands-free sensor technology that allows you to turn the water on and off with just a wave of your hand. Many of them are available with solar power, making for an easy installation and eliminating the need for a power line.  

We recommend: Sloan Optima® Solar-Powered Deck-Mounted Mid Body Faucet

4. Smart Toilet

You might not need one made of solid gold, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a little luxury when it comes to your toilet. Today’s smart toilets feature everything from self-opening and closing lids, heated seats, touch-free flushing, a remote control, a nightlight, and even “electrolyzed” water that is alleged to clean the self-clean the bowl as you flush.

We recommend: Toto Neorest Series

5. Vanity Mirror TV

Adding a TV screen to your bathroom vanity mirror will add a new level of luxury and convenience to your morning routine. With one of these, you can watch the news or check the weather while shaving, brushing your teeth, or applying makeup. Having a screen built right into the mirror also means no exposed wires or bulky frames. Plus, when you want to shut it off, the screen disappears and becomes a fully functional mirror once again.

We recommend: Seura Smart Mirror

6. Towel Warming Rack

Ready for a life-changing shower experience? Replace your ice cold wall-mounted towel rack with an innovative and luxurious heated towel warming rack. Switch it on before you get in the shower and when you get out you’ll have a warm, toasty towel waiting for you.

We recommend: Linosa Hydronic Chrome Curved Heated Towel Warmer

7. Hands-Free Soap Dispenser

A sensor-activated soap dispenser, when combined with a hands-free faucet, makes the entire handwashing experience completely touchless. Not only is there a huge convenience in hands-free handwashing, your fixtures will also stay clean longer!

We recommend: Delta Touch2O.xt® Soap Dispensers

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