7 Ideas for a Fun (and Functional) Kids’ Bathroom Remodel

Our Tips for Designing a Bathroom That Your Child Will Love to Use

Bathrooms can be challenging places for young children. Whether it’s potty training, bath time, or brushing teeth before bed – getting kids to cooperate with bathroom activities can be frustrating for parents.

One way to get children more comfortable with the bathroom is by remodeling the space to provide a fun and welcoming environment. It’s also a great opportunity to throw in some time and energy-saving upgrades for mom and dad. Read on for our top 7 favorite ideas for a kids’ bathroom renovation that will make life easier for the whole family.

1. Pick a Fun Theme (Just One!)

Choose a single theme that your child will love for a unified and cohesive appearance. Keep your theme in mind when selecting tile, fixtures, paint, and lighting. Some theme ideas to consider: dinosaurs, tropical island, princess, ballerina, astronaut, ocean adventure, or wild west.

2. Use Dark Grout for the Tiles

Little hands and feet can be magnets for dirt, mud, and other messy substances that can easily stain a white tile grout. Choosing dark grout gives parents peace of mind knowing that their grout won’t stain over time. 

3. Touchless Fixtures

To add little playful magic, consider a futuristic faucet that turns on and off by moving your hand in front of the motion sensor. Alternatively, try a touchless toilet that flushes with the wave of a hand.

4. Plenty of Storage

Make sure that the vanity you select offers ample storage – you will need all the space you can get. From washcloths to shampoo to toothpaste, everything can be stored neatly in organizing bins within the cabinet.   

5. Tiled Walls

The more tile you have on the bathroom walls, the better. Bathtub splashes are guaranteed, and tile will prevent water damage to the paint and drywall. Plus, you can find tiles in just about any size, shape, and color to fit the bathroom’s theme.

6. Soft Close and/or Removable Toilet Seat

The toilet seat in a kids’ bathroom requires some consideration. On one hand, you have the potential for smashed fingers with a traditional, heavy seat. On the other, a non-removable seat can be difficult to clean thoroughly – this is especially frustrating during potty training time. Soft close, removable toilet seats solve both of these concerns.

7. Lots of Hooks and Bars for Towels

Kids need a lot of baths, and that means going through a lot of towels. Make sure that you are able get the most from your clean towels by providing plenty of hooks and bars for them to dry out.

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