8 Design Tips for a Small Bathroom Remodel to Make the Most of Limited Space

Use Smart Layout Design to Make a Smaller Bathroom Feel Bigger

Considering an upgrade for a hall bathroom or a smaller master bath? Moving walls is a great way to add more space, but it’s not always the most practical solution. Simply rethinking the design and layout of a small bathroom during a home remodel is an effective way to make the space feel roomier. Read on for some of our favorite tips and tricks for maximizing space in a compact bathroom.

Wall-Mounted Sink and Vanity

By opting for a floating vanity and wall-mounted sink, you can save valuable floor space while reducing visual clutter.

bathroom faucet example
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Wall Mirror

Adding a mirrored surface across an entire wall makes a room appear much larger than it actually is. As a bonus, the mirrored surface is great for reflecting light. This means that you’ll get much more total output from light fixtures, skylights, and windows.

bathroom wall mirror example
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Corner Sink

As an alternative to a wall mounted sink, a corner sink can be an effective and stylish option for some bathroom layouts. This method also allows an opportunity for additional storage space beneath the sink.

corner sink example
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Ditch the Tub

Most often, the tub is the largest fixture in the bathroom. By removing it and opting for a more compact shower instead, you’ll free up a considerable amount of square footage. Even more so with a curbless/continual flooring design!

curbless shower example
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Wall-Mounted Toilet

Not only are they a stylish and modern addition to any bathroom, but a wall-mounted toilet also provides extra space and decreased visual clutter.

wall mounted toilet example
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Trough Sink

Another space-saving sink alternative is a trough sink. It features a stylish, narrow design that effectively frees up floor space and allows occupants to move around the room more freely.

trough sink example
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Door-Mounted Towel Bar

By opting to put the towel bar on either the entry or shower door, you can free up valuable wall space for recessed shelving or other cabinetry.

towel bar door example
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Pocket Doors

While a traditional hinge door can be seriously limiting for the amount of available space in a bathroom, switching it out for a pocket door ensures that all of the square footage is available to be used.

bathroom pocket door example
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