8 Unique Ways to Use Color In Your Kitchen Remodel Design

Unexpected Ideas for a Fresh Kitchen Color Scheme

Designing and remodeling a kitchen is a great opportunity to showcase your household’s unique personality and aesthetic taste. One of the most important design considerations for your new kitchen is the color scheme used for the walls, tile, countertops, hardware, cabinets, flooring, and appliances. While some homeowners may prefer subtle and traditional color layouts (like bright whites and neutral grays) others may be more inclined toward vibrant, eye-catching palettes. Read on for our favorite inspirational ideas for using unique and unexpected color tones in a kitchen remodel.

Brighter Ceilings

One of the tricks that interior designers use to make a space look larger is to use a lighter color on the ceiling than the color used for the cabinets or walls. This makes the ceiling appear more open and airy, giving the room a more breathable and comfortable atmosphere.

example of bright ceiling kitchen remodel colors
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Focal Point

Choosing just one surface of your kitchen to feature a bold, bright color can provide an immediate point of interest for your kitchen remodel. This is most commonly a tile backsplash, island cabinetry, or hutch.

example of colorful backsplash in a kitchen remodel
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One opportunity for vibrant color that can sometimes be overlooked is upholstery on bar stools, chairs, or dining benches. You can find just about any color and pattern of upholstery fabric that you can think of, making it a great opportunity to give your kitchen an unexpected splash of color.

example of bright colored upholstery in a kitchen remodel
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Mix and Match Cabinets

Using multiple colors for different sections of your cabinetry is an effective way to breathe excitement and vibrancy into your kitchen remodel. This is a very modern trend and is typically most successful in modern and contemporary style remodels.

example of colorful cabinets in a kitchen remodel
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Unexpected Fixtures

Another idea to consider is not just using unexpected colors but using them in an unexpected area. For example: pantry doors, sink basin, or even the ceiling.

example of colored sink basin
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Colored Pendant

A pendant light is already an effective piece of visual interest in a kitchen remodel, but by using a brightly colored pendant you can take this effect to the next level. Consider a bright yellow or red pendant to provide colorful contrast in your design.

example of colored pendant lights in a kitchen remodel
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Backsplash Spotlight

Using neutral tones throughout a kitchen that contrast against a colorful backsplash is a great way to provide visual interest. This is especially effective if the backsplash extends along the countertop areas.

example of a colorful backsplash in a kitchen remodel
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Simply decorating with colorful accessories can also be an effective way to colorize your kitchen. You can use metal stools, dish towels, drapes, or even fresh flowers. The added benefit of using colorful accessories is that you can easily replace and swap them out at will.

example of colorful accessories in a kitchen remodel
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