Bridlemile ADU

Project Details

Design Time: 6 months
Production Time: 4 months
Total Cost: $ 160K-210K

We were contacted to help this client with the challenge of merging their lives with an additional family member to help care for their children. A separate mother-in-law suite (ADU) was built for this purpose. The goal was to separate the family just enough so they could have their independence and privacy but close enough so they could watch after each other. We designed a floor plan that could fit on their lot and included a full kitchen, laundry, full bathroom, central living area, and a bedroom. It has vaulted ceilings to help give the small space a larger feeling.

The design of an ADU usually is centered around the existing lot and the city's code requirements. The design of the structure was a rectangle box. Very simple, but with the use of a high pitched roof and many windows, we were able to achieve a stylish design that closely matched the existing home. We designed the structure using a concrete slab foundation to eliminate the risk of water or rodents in the crawlspace. The interior design was focused on minimizing upkeep and maintenance. The floors are waterproof vinyl, the countertops are quartz, and the shower tile has a simple white color. The design of the kitchen was compacted to fit full-size appliances including a stacked washer and dryer. Packing all these amenities into a very small space and still feeling like you can have people over to entertain was the goal that we were able to achieve.