Cedar Hills Bathroom Update and Hutch

Project Details

Design Time: 5 weeks
Production Time: 4 weeks
Total Cost: $ 25K-35K

Updating a small bathroom can be challenging. We used simple materials to help brighten the room and give it a clean, spacious atmosphere. It was the little changes that made the difference in this project. These included new towel bars, adjusting the light fixture height to make room for a larger mirror, and installing new plumbing fixtures. This master bathroom can now serve this family for many years without breaking the bank.

This home had been updated with new floors, moldings, and windows, and now had an more modern appearance. The fireplace was untouched and original, so the client wanted to help accent it. We designed a hutch that could complement the original design of the fireplace by creating a hutch-style cabinet with an open
bookshelf top. This asymmetrical design now balances the room and allows the client to properly store their books and decorations. We matched in the warmth of the new flooring by incorporating stained shelves. This is truly now the focal point of the room and is something the client can enjoy showcasing to their friends and family!