Cedar Hills Kitchen Remodel

Project Details

Design Time: 5 months
Production Time: 2 months
Total Cost: $ 90K-110K

Functionally, this space had several challenges to overcome. The walls dividing the dining room and living room combined with the sunken living room floor made it difficult to walk between the two spaces. We were able to remove the walls and flush out the sunken floor, resulting in a more open and comfortable atmosphere. Now the sightlines and traffic flow around the spaces are easier to navigate and provide less obstruction. Entertaining in this space is now flexible and inviting, with multiple options for seating.

This home started with a more traditional style but there was room to incorporate a different style. A modern approach was used for the cabinetry and countertops that resulted in smooth flat doors, a continuous marble backsplash, and a waterfall returned countertop side. The subtle moss green color of the lower cabinets, the herringbone wood bar back, and the shiplap dining backdrop helps incorporate the original traditional style of the home with an updated look. This young growing family now has a center for their home that is both safe and inviting while meeting all of their family’s needs.