How to Create a Comfortable Dining Space in Your Tiny Home

Tiny Home Dining Room Solutions

For many families looking to join the tiny home revolution, one of the most common reasons they want to downsize so dramatically is so they can spend more time with their families. And because the dining room is often where most family conversations are had, having a dining room in a tiny home is usually a must.

But, how can a tiny home accommodate this all-important feature within its obvious floorplan limitations? Here are some dining room solutions you can consider to help ensure your tiny home has the dining room you want.

Dining Table Options for Tiny Homes

The first thing you should know is that the traditional dining room is not going to be part of your tiny home because it’s simply too large for the space. But, that doesn’t mean your family can’t have a sturdy table at which to sit for dinner every night. You just have to think outside of the proverbial box.

One way to include a dining room table is to incorporate a hinged table that opens up when needed, and then closes back up when dinner is over. In this tiny home, you’ll see the table can easily accommodate a few diners, but afterward, it will fold up nicely against the wall so it takes up zero floor space when it’s not in use. You can even paint a mural on the underside so that when the table is raised, your home has an extra piece of art on the “wall.”

tiny home builder portland oregon
Image via Tiny Digs
tiny home builder portland oregon
Image via Tiny Digs

Another option is to include an extra-long countertop that serves as a table for dining. In this tiny home, barstool chairs fit perfectly with the countertop to make for a cozy dining spot.

tiny home builder portland oregon
Image via Caravan

In this home, you can see the folding table directly across from the kitchen counter.

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Tiny Home-Friendly Chairs

Equally as important as the table, the dining room chairs in a tiny home also require some extra attention because they need to meet certain needs. If you plan on using the chairs as additional seating in your home, then you can opt for standard dining room chairs or stools. But, if you want your dining room seating to “disappear” when you’re not dining, then there are other options available.

One way to improve your seating and storage solutions is to use seating blocks. These types of seats have padded tops that open up to reveal a storage space within the box-like seat. These types of seats can be stowed in a closet, under a side table, under the stairs, or they can even be used as foot stools or an ottoman in your living room.

Folding chairs are another popular option for dining room seating in tiny homes. These chairs can be stored in a slim space or even hung on the wall to clear up the floor space.

When One Room in a Tiny Home Doubles as Another

In many tiny homes, the living room doubles as the dining room. By taking this approach, you can essentially do away completely with the need for dining room chairs because your couch will serve as seating. As for your table, you can use anything from a couple of humble TV trays to a table that slides out from under your couch.

Ultimately, that’s what is so great about the tiny home lifestyle, in Portland and beyond. It allows you to try new and exciting ways of living life that you otherwise would never have imagined. After all, who would have thought there was so much to consider when designing your dining room?

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