Garden Home Bathroom Remodel

Project Details

Design Time: 3 months
Production Time: 2 months
Total Cost: $ 55K-70K

When we first looked at this project, the overall goal was to gain space for the entire family to use. The master bedroom didn’t have its own bathroom, so this bathroom needed to serve a total of 4 people. With such high traffic use, it was decided to give this bathroom a complete overhaul. We moved one of the bathroom walls two feet into the bedroom to open the space enough for multiple people to use it at one time. We added a second faucet and a longer countertop so brushing teeth could be done simultaneously. The large shower niche can now store all of the shampoos for each person and still have a nice appearance.

This mid-century split level home has many original features that give it character. We didn’t want to shy away from that, so we went with a mid-century modern design. We used materials such as walnut cabinetry and the satin brass plumbing fixtures to complement the midcentury feel. We also used geometric shapes in the tile designs, including the white herringbone wall tile and the enlarged navy blue hex flooring. The colors all compliment each other with a high contrast feel. The atmosphere of this bathroom now gives a true mid-century modern vibe.