Here are the 8 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling a Bathroom

Avoid These Remodel Pitfalls to Ensure That Your New Bathroom is a Success

Considering an update to a bathroom in your home? Whether it’s your first remodel or you’ve got few under your belt, there are several common mistakes that any homeowner can unwittingly incorporate into their bathroom design. We’ve compiled a list of the most common bathroom design errors that are guaranteed to cause headaches down the road.

Forgetting About the Fan

An exhaust fan is an absolutely crucial piece of any bathroom remodel. Without it, the high levels of moisture that come with daily use of bathroom fixtures will quickly cause damage to drywall and flooring. And just any fan won’t do, either, you’ll have to make sure that your fan is large enough for the size of the bathroom and placed correctly.

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Not Making a Clear Pathway

Sometimes, when designing a bathroom, it can be easy to think about the appearance of your surfaces, decor, and fixtures more than their functionality and usability. Be sure to have a conversation with your designer about ease of use, and don’t let the looks overshadow the utility of your new bathroom.

Lacking a Plan

Every remodel project, from a simple countertop replacement to a full-scale overhaul, requires a detailed plan. This means making detailed measurements down to 1/16th of an inch. Otherwise, your project is liable to suffer major complications and excessive costs due to installation errors.

Using the Wrong Materials

From wallpaper to flooring, it’s important to select materials that are made specifically for use in a bathroom setting. Since the bathroom is exposed to such high levels of moisture and frequent heat changes, using materials that aren’t intended to withstand these conditions can be a recipe for disaster.

Poor Budget Planning

Setting a realistic budget for your bathroom remodel is a key first step in the design process. If you aim too high with your budget, you will end up having to cut corners later in the project. This will almost guarantee a disappointing finished product.

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Not Enough Natural Light

Whether you go for windows or skylights, natural light is a must in any bathroom. Being a room intended for cleansing and rejuvenation, a bathroom is just not the same without plenty of sunlight. Windows have the extra benefit of providing ventilation, which is also a must in the bathroom.

Insufficient Storage

You’ll need quite a bit of storage space in the bathroom, and failing to provide it will make things harder for your household. Towels, washcloths, first aid supplies, toothpaste, medications, and bathing supplies all need a home in your bathroom remodel.

Mismatched Fixtures

One simple rule of thumb to remember is to never mix more than two different colors of tile, wood, or metal fixtures. Otherwise, you run the risk of having your bathroom remodel look scattered and unfocused.

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