How to Choose a Color Scheme for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Our Tips for Choosing Bathroom Colors That Look Beautiful Together

Ready to give your bathroom a fresh new look? Re-imagining your bathroom with a remodel starts with the design process, and choosing your color scheme is one of the most important steps in that process. Once you have your primary colors, shades, or hues established, you can then move forward with selecting the specific tile, flooring, paint, cabinet finishes, fixtures, and decor for your new bathroom.

The colors that you choose for your bathroom remodel will have a huge impact on the atmosphere of the finished space. Bright, bold colors will result in an energetic, exciting space, while subtle, neutral tones will make for a relaxing and peaceful environment.

While an interior designer is always recommended to help you navigate the process of choosing ideal complementary colors for your remodel, we have gathered some tips to help you start the color brainstorming process early.

example of colorful bathroom remodeling
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Color Theory

While you don’t need to become an expert, it will certainly be helpful to brush up on the basics of color theory. This will help you to understand the difference between complementary, monochromatic, analogous, triadic, and tetradic colors, and which is right for your bathroom remodel. There are many helpful tools online for understanding color theory, like Canva’s color wheel tool.

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Neutral Only

For the true minimalists, there is always the option of skipping colors altogether and sticking with neutral tones only. This typically results in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. When using this type of color scheme, it is usually recommended to work with two shades primarily, sure as white and gray.

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The Rule of Three

For those that do want a bit of color in their remodel, following the rule of three can be a great place to start. This simple principle suggests selecting one neutral color, one rich color, and one accent color. These colors are then to be distributed using the 70/20/10 proportion. This means that the neutral color fills 70% of the available space, the next lightest color 20%, and the boldest 10%.

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Combine Bold Tones

For an energetic and exciting look, consider using two bold colors that provide an interesting visual contrast. This gives your design an element of surprise, which will keep your bathroom remodel looking fresh and interesting.

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Use Enough of Each Color

One of the easiest mistakes to make when planning a bathroom remodel’s color scheme is simply not using enough of one of your selected colors. This can make the color seem out of place, which is the last thing you want to have happen when it comes to your bathroom’s decor. One simple rule you can follow to keep this from happening is to ensure that each color is being utilized a minimum of three times.

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Don’t Overlook Dark Colors

While many homeowners can find it tempting to focus on bright colors and tones exclusively when remodeling a bathroom, this can be a missed opportunity. Darker colors and tones offer a beautiful contrast against the traditionally pure white bathroom fixtures, like porcelain toilets, sinks, and tubs.

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Find Inspiration in Your Home

If you still find yourself unsure of where to start for your bathroom design, look to the other rooms in your home for inspiration. While some homeowners may enjoy the opportunity to make their bathroom completely unique in design compared to the rest of their home, it’s also perfectly suitable to keep a common design theme running through every room.

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