How to Effectively Use Wallpaper in Your Kitchen Remodel Design

Our Tips for Installing Wallpaper That Fits Nicely In Your Kitchen

While it’s true that tile and paint are the traditional choices for kitchen walls, recent advances in wallpaper materials and protective finishes have made it a perfectly suitable option for the damp, demanding environment of a home kitchen. This is good news, since opting for wallpaper allows homeowners to bring their kitchen walls to life with vibrant colors and patterns that would otherwise be unattainable with paint or tile. Read on for our tips to help choose the ideal wallpaper for your kitchen remodel.

Start With the Right Material

Before you start looking at patterns, colors, or textures, make sure that the manufacturer that you’re buying from offers a thick vinyl or Novamura material. This will be essential for ensuring the longevity of your kitchen’s wallpaper. Thin and fabric-based wallpapers will quickly peel and suffer damages in moist kitchen environments.

example of wallpaper in a kitchen remodel
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Look For Washable Varieties When Possible

A washable wallpaper is one that has had a special protective layer of thin, clear plastic material applied to the front of it. This allows for the wallpaper to be effectively washed with soap and water without damaging the wallpaper itself. This makes washable wallpaper the ideal choice for kitchen remodels.

Choosing Pattern and Color

Another advantage of opting for wallpaper on your kitchen walls is that wallpaper manufacturers offer a wide variety of patterns, colors, and textures to choose from. This allows homeowners to get very specific with their wallpaper designs, whereas tile and paint may be more limiting with design options.

When choosing wallpaper patterns, it’s important to keep the other elements of your kitchen in mind. A good technique for this is creating a mood board that includes images of your cabinets, countertops, lighting fixtures, flooring, and furniture.

example of wallpaper in a kitchen remodel
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Consider a Statement Wall

One effective technique for designing with wallpaper is to employ the statement wall technique. This means choosing just one of the four walls in your kitchen to cover with a bold, attention-grabbing wallpaper pattern. This can be a great option for homeowners that want to use bright, vibrant, or intricate wallpaper without it overwhelming the overall design of their kitchen.

Using Wallpaper in Unexpected Places

Wallpaper can be effectively used to create an element of surprise by only using it in unexpected areas of the kitchen. For example, lining drawers and cupboards with a colorful wallpaper can make for a bright and playful burst of color. Just be careful to pair the wallpaper with the rest of your kitchen decor, to ensure that the colors and patterns don’t clash with one another.

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