Living Room Furniture for Tiny Homes 101 From Couch Expert Jonathan Galloway

Living Room Furniture for Your Tiny Home

Our non-scientific research at Perch has determined that the Tiny Home creative process and building timelines are often at odds. That said, the best results come from flexibility, communication, and problem solving. Our build time for a sofa averages 8 weeks – usually well within the home build schedule. But, at Perch, we always set expectations at 2 months, just in case.

Even though Perch builds sofas to perfectly fit the space, getting it inside is critical. Always double check that hallways, doorways, stairways, etc. are wide enough to maneuver a sofa through. The largest dimension on a sofa is the hypotenuse of the two right triangles that make up the rectangle. So, if your entry path and potential turns can accommodate that largest dimension the sofa will likely fit. If not, or there is any question, contact a pro. At Perch, we provide free in person consults and live demonstrations of the Pythagorean Theorem all the time.

We can add sleeper systems into sofa and storage into unexpected places. Our factory has the capability to build custom furniture to the inch. This way, you can have a sofa that fits your space perfectly without sacrificing those precious inches. Or, just make a sofa deeper to allow ample snuggle room.

custom couch tiny home perch furniture portland oregon pdx

Custom Solutions

In a tiny home, space definitely matters to the inch. Sofa choice and orientation, are a critical next step, after the basic layout of the home is determined. When Perch built our first tiny home sofa, we started with some basic questions: who, how many, where, and when?

Who, is using this sofa? And, since pets in a tiny home take up statistically significant space, we have found a reminder here appropriate. At Perch we start there: who is the sofa for? Is it just the owners as a private escape area. Will guests need a welcome and relaxing area to sip wine and swap stories? Or, maybe, this sofa needs to double as a kids fort on a rainy day.

How many is more of a thought exercise than a right or wrong answer. In our experience at Perch, every home (tiny or not) has a natural capacity. The trick for us, has been to build for this level of use, and add flexible options for overflow. Our largest “tiny home” project included a beautiful chesterfield sectional with room for 6. Since the design team knew the owner’s reputation as life of the party however, we made sure there were a few tufts hidden in plain sight to ensure no one was left out of the conversation.

Where? Claim the space, that’s where. Here at Perch, we have found that living in small quarters is just as much about defining spaces as it is about using them efficiently. So, whatever scares you about putting the sofa dead center in the room, or orienting toward the picture window so you look at the view not an expertly organized photo wall – lets talk about it. When it comes to sofas, it’s where, or nowhere.

When? When is a two part question we frame like this at Perch: When does this sofa need to be something other than a sofa? And what does it need to be. Our sofas don’t always have drawers underneath them, fold out into beds, or break into pieces, but if your new floor plan requires a sofa that can do more than one thing? Well. We love that, and our problem solving skills are at your disposal.

custom couch tiny home perch furniture portland oregon pdx

Past Projects

We built an amazing modular sectional into 12 (yep, a dozen) 34” x 30” pieces. Each piece fastens together with metal fasteners to the ideal fit in our client’s current space. But here’s the genius, interchangeable rectangles are almost guaranteed to fit his future homes as well. The pieces could be rearranged to form a sofa, smaller sectional, individual chairs, and several other pieces that made moving into a new home easy.

Another one of our clients traded in their home for an RV to travel the country and wanted to be comfortable. We built a leather sofa that replaced the built-in sofas that came with the vehicle. In their home, they had a mid-century style sofa that they loved. To bring a piece of home with them on the road, we replicated the style, and scaled it to fit perfectly in their RV. When their sofa was ready, we had our shipping team meet them at a pit stop in Palm Springs and delivered the sofa into their RV!

We’re currently working on a curveball project in the concept phase: is a sofa with a pair of power outlets installed in the base. From a build perspective this isn’t difficult. It’s the research on electric codes in various localities that is slowing it down just a little. But, I predict a Perch sofa that makes an extension cord obsolete is on the horizon.

custom couch tiny home perch furniture portland oregon pdx

Finding Inspiration in Tiny Spaces and Beyond

At Perch, collaboration is in our DNA and sofas are what we love. So, much of our inspiration comes from our customers. The more Pinterest boards, Instagram feeds, screenshots, drawings, family heirlooms and tall tales we come across the better. We are suckers for vintage leather sofas. We find that mid century is naturally proportioned for a tight fit. Overall, we’ve found that the sofas our customers buy span every style and time period. The biggest commonality being customer questions that start with “can you” and the most common answer at Perch: “yes.”

We are also serious lovers of the Western landscape and are constantly on the lookout for inspiration from nature and our adventures in it. We frequent: ski hills, beaches, campsites and park benches with one eye on the horizon, and the other on the best place to sit.

Learn more about Perch on their website. You can visit their Portland showroom at 923 NW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97209.