Neighbors Southwest Kitchen Remodel

Project Details

Design Time: 3.5 months
Production Time: 2 months
Total Cost: $ 85K-110K

A new kitchen is usually the most exciting remodeling project in a home. For this client, it was nothing short of that. The design of the kitchen was thought out for years and tailored to their taste and function. We designed the space with many elements in mind. The original design had the island situated on an angle that wasted valuable countertop and floor space. We squared the island to the perimeter cabinets, which provided more seating room at the island and more cooking space for the range. We removed a door and flushed out the wall to lengthen the perimeter for access to more countertops and room for the beverage fridge. Now the client now has a highly functional kitchen with simple clean lines.

This home was built in a traditional design and we were able to keep the original charm of the home’s design while still adding some updated modern elements. We used a shaker style cabinet door for a simple paneled look. Using cream-colored paint and backsplash compliments the warmth of the wood-toned floor. Overall the design is classic and elegant.