Bethany Bath, Closet, & Playroom

Project Details

Design Time: 10 Weeks
Production Time: 8 Weeks
Total Cost: $ 72,000

This home was fairly new which allowed us to really focus on the design and finishes.  The original construction of this bathroom had for a large bathtub that was not being used.  We were able to remove this tub, reposition a smaller tub and finish vaulting the ceiling.  The vanity became the focal point so a rock wall tile showcased the vanity cabinets and light fixtures.  We were also able to increase the size of their closet and install a proper closet organizer.  Now they have enough storage that meets all their needs.  In their bonus room, they wanted to create a multipurpose room.  Not only did they want the space to be used as a playroom for their children, but also as a guest bedroom.  We incorporated a Murphy bed into the cabinetry that really saves space.