Cedar Hills Home Remodel and Addition

Project Details

Design Time: 6 weeks
Production Time: 12 weeks
Total Cost: $ 135K-180K

When this sweet family of three welcomed their new baby girl, they immediately outgrew their 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home. The primary goal for this remodel was to add a master suite addition on a modest budget.

Because the budget was a concern, the original plan was to add the master suite with an entry of the existing kitchen. Though this would have certainly been a simpler project, it was not the ideal layout for the home. With careful planning and materials selections, we were able to stretch our clients' budget to give them more square footage and a layout that was much more functional and better suited for their home.

In order to create a layout that made sense, the existing bathroom needed to be relocated to allow for a hallway leading to the new space. We were then able to design an addition that included a master bedroom, closet, and bathroom - as well as a new hall bathroom and an expanded and remodeled kitchen.

The clients wanted a clean, updated look - however, the functionality of the space was the top priority. In order to keep costs down, the clients were happy to select affordable finish options such as pre-fabricated vanities, fiberglass tub and shower units, vinyl plank flooring, and stained (rather than painted) kitchen cabinets.

The clients are fortunate to have a very large backyard to allow for the addition with plenty of space left over for entertaining outdoors. They were thrilled to finally have a master bedroom that they did not have to share with their infant daughter.