NE Portland Historic Home Remodel

Project Details

Design Time: 12 weeks
Production Time: 15 months
Total Cost: $ 650K-875K

This extensive historic home renovation includes kitchen, dining room, living room, bar, wine cellar, laundry room, hall and master bathroom remodels, as well as a two-story addition with an attached garage. The creative and modern design utilized throughout the remodeling process reflects the client's artistic interests.

This 1925 Tudor-style home is located on the border of the Portland's historic Irving district and listed on the City of Portland's Historic Resource Inventory. The owner came to us with a vision of adding a major addition and remodeling the home while still preserving its original architectural styling. We worked through several design renderings to closely match the existing stucco siding, timber details, multi-lite windows, brick façade, and unique rooflines. The remodel of the interior, like the exterior, was also designed and built to keep the feel of the original architecture. There are several attention-grabbing details that were built into the design, including plaster ceiling decals and mahogany paneling in the formal dining room. The timeless kitchen design also incorporated a variety of unique details, such as inset cabinets with concealed appliances and a hidden butler’s pantry - it's entry disguised as matching cabinetry.