Sellwood ADU (2)

Project Details

Design Time: 7 months
Production Time: 5 months
Total Cost: $ 175K-225K

There were many goals to this project. The main functional goal was to incorporate 3 aspects of use to the ADU. One goal was to have a space for a home gym. The second goal was to incorporate a relaxing and quiet room for messages and artistic expression. The third goal was to incorporate an apartment for renting to tourists visiting the historic Sellwood neighborhood. We were able to achieve this goal by using sound separation, separate access and bathrooms, and individually controlled temperatures. This two-story structure has style and function all within 800 SF of space.

This design was intended to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere for all of the spaces in the ADU. The apartment was designed using low maintenance materials. A pop of color was added with the unique tile backsplash, which makes for a fun visual centerpiece and helps keep Portland weird. Now our clients can make full use of each section of the ADU while improving the value and functionality of their home.