The Tiny Home Pantry: Getting Big Storage From Small Spaces

Tiny Home Storage Solutions

In a tiny home, storage solutions are always a primary concern. From finding space for your clothes to having enough kitchen storage for all of your food, you can never have enough storage space. But, in such a space-limited structure like a tiny home, how can you ensure that you have a pantry that can accommodate your new lifestyle?

Luckily, today’s tiny home builders have a variety of creative ways to incorporate pantry storage in their designs. Here are five common options used in today’s tiny homes, brought to you by Straight Line Design & Remodeling in Portland, Oregon.

Under-Stair Storage for Tiny Homes

In a tiny home with a standard set of stairs leading up to the loft, there is an abundance of storage space available right under the stairs themselves. The staggered design of the steps affords a tiny home builder plenty of flexibility to include storage compartments in this space.

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In fact, there is so much storage available in this scenario that under-stair storage is also commonly used to store clothes and other gear in addition to pantry items. And, because each zone has its own door, you can easily isolate certain spaces for special uses.

Another option for under-stair storage is to build the space out with numerous open-faced cubbies. This allows you quick access to the items, which you can easily see since there are no doors. Because these spaces to be pretty deep, you can opt for slide-out drawers for easier access to your stored items.

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Elevated Storage Options in Tiny Homes

In a tiny home where the bathroom is located at the other end of the home from the kitchen, there will usually be a small loft above it. While the space isn’t big enough for a bed, it is perfectly sized for storing pantry items and kitchen equipment that you don’t use frequently.

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For instance, if you have jars you want to save for canning your summer veggies, then this space will be ideal for storing them when they’re not in use.

Behind – (Tiny) Door Storage

In most tiny home pantries, the space on the back side of the doors offers valuable storage real estate. Installing a simple, thin shelf on the back side of your pantry door will provide you with ample space for smaller items, like your favorite herbs and seasonings, a toothpick holder, matches, and small kitchen utensils.

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Another option is to use magnetic strips with your herbs and seasonings placed in metal-lidded containers.

Tiny Home Shelf Systems

The goal of going tiny is to consolidate your life to include just those things you love most, so you’re going to find you won’t need as much pantry space as you used to. But, if you have cookbooks you can’t live without, special occasion wine glasses, or a few boxes of your favorite tea, a simple rustic shelf system will suit you just fine. Your shelves can be as thin or deep as you need them to be, space willing.

portland oregon tiny home construction
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You can also incorporate one or more above-sink storage shelves for those items you use on a daily basis, like your French press coffee maker, tea pot, or container of oatmeal. This puts your essentials within easy reach when you’re getting ready for your day.

Hanging Rails for Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen cooking utensils can take up a lot of space in your drawers. But, by investing in a simple hanging rail and a handful of “S” hooks, you can clear out your utensil drawer by hanging your utensils. This easy storage solution will have all of your most-used utensils within easy reach of your stove so when you need a whisk, strainer, or ladle, it will be right where you can see it. No more rummaging around a congested utensil drawer!

For the tiny home owner, life is about scaling back and living with less. But, everyone has those special things they don’t want to give up. The above pantry storage solutions will help you increase your storage options if you have kitchen items you just can’t live without.

If you’re looking for top quality front door design and construction for your Portland area tiny home, get in touch with Straight Line D&R today. We’ll help you get the most from your budget, and deliver exactly the tiny home you want.