Top 5 Most Popular Home Remodeling Trends in the Portland, Oregon Metro Area

The Biggest Home Remodel Trends That We’re Seeing in the PNW

Residents of Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas are known for progressive thinking and environmentally-conscious lifestyles. Unsurprisingly, these values have a significant impact on how Portland residents approach home remodeling. This is true in the suburban cities of Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, and Lake Oswego as well, where many employees of Nike, Oracle, and Intel are choosing to settle down. Read on for a summary of the most prominent home remodeling trends that are gaining popularity in the Portland Metro Area.

1. Reclaimed and Recycled Materials

Homeowners in Portland and Beaverton are lucky to have access to two incredible resources for buying reclaimed and recycled materials that can be repurposed in a home remodel. In Portland, the ReBuilding Center on Mississippi Avenue provides homeowners with the northwest’s largest variety of salvaged building materials priced at 40-90% less than market value. In Beaverton, Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore offers donated and reclaimed fixtures, furniture, appliances, and more. Between these two stores, Portland-area homeowners are in a great position to save money while opting for reclaimed materials.

interior of rebuilding center in portland oregon
Via ReBuilding Center

2. Emphasis on Warmth

In the Portland area, we see a lot of cold and rainy weather throughout the year. Many homeowners have responded to this by adding additional heating sources to their homes. These include heated flooring, outdoor heaters on patios, and even heated towel racks in the bathroom.

3. Healthy Living Upgrades

Many Portland-area families are understandably looking to make healthy living upgrades during a home remodel. These upgrades can include non-VOC finishes, formaldehyde-free cabinets, and better air filtration systems.

4. Minimal Style

Minimal interior design is on the rise nation-wide, and Portland is no exception. In fact, Portland is home to Schoolhouse Electric, one of the hottest minimal lighting and hardware manufacturers in the country.

schoolhouse electric fixtures from portland oregon
Via Schoolhouse

5. Accessory Dwelling Units

Thanks to incentives from the local government, Portland is one of the best places in the country to build an ADU (accessory dwelling unit). Also called mother-in-law units, ADUs can serve as a guest house, permanent housing for a family member, or income properties.

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