How to Work from a Tiny Home: Tiny Office Solutions

Getting the Most From a Tiny Home’s Office

These days, more and more Americans are working from home, and this is a trend that is also strong within the tiny house community. In fact, one of the advantages of owning a tiny home is that you can move it anywhere an employment opportunity presents itself.

Of course, when you own a tiny home, your home office perspective is probably going to have to change. Combining living and working space in a tiny home can be a worthy challenge for some homeowners, but when it’s done right, it can suit your work and home lives perfectly. Here are some ideas to help you get there, building out the most useful office space possible in your tiny home.

Mixed-Use Spaces

On his TV show Good Eats on The Food Network, Alton Brown once said (regarding his kitchen utensils) that he never bought a utensil that served only one purpose. This is a thought process that you’re going to have to adopt when you enter the tiny home lifestyle, and the office area will not be an exception. Everything needs to serve multiple functions in order for you to make the most out of your home’s space, including your living spaces.

Most tiny homes just don’t have the space to allow for a dedicated workspace, so you are going to have to combine spaces to allow you the best of both worlds. The answer lies in creating a system that allows you the flexibility to work in your living room, bedroom, or reading nook.

Fold-Out Tiny Home Office Desks

One way to create a working system is to design a dining space that also serves as your work surface. This provides you with a work desk whenever you need it without you having to make any adjustments. Incorporating seating that can easily slide under the table or counter will further help to free up floor space when you’re not dining or working.

tiny home office solutions
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Another option is to take a small corner of your tiny home and equip it with a small desk and a couple of comfy chairs. When you’re not working on your laptop, the nook will serve as a cozy place to share coffee with your partner or to simply sit back and read a book.

tiny home office solutions
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If space is at a premium in your tiny home, then you can include a fold-out desk that can easily fold away when you’re finished working for the day.

Alternative Working Solutions for Tiny Offices

Let’s face it – everything needs to be smaller in a tiny home. So, you will be better served by having a laptop over a bulky desktop computer. If you can perform all of your work tasks using a tablet, even better. The key is to create an office that can go anywhere. You want to be able to move from the living room to the bedroom with relative ease, and having a portable laptop or tablet is recommended for reducing your office space needs.

Then again, if your work demands the use of a more powerful computer, then you can opt for a desktop with a monitor that doubles as your television screen. In this type of setup, using a wireless mouse and keyboard will enable you to work from your couch, thus eliminating the need for a more permanent desk.

tiny home office solutions
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At the end of the day, creating a functional office in a tiny home is going to take some creativity and some careful consideration, but it can be done. And when you get it right, you’ll wonder why you never made the leap sooner.

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